Other Functions of Concealer

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Other Functions of Concealer

Discussing about makeup, it's not complete if you don't discuss concealer. Makeup items this one is known for its ability to disguise deficiencies on the face such as black or reddish spots. But apparently, not only that you know its usefulness. Try to take a peek at the other functions of the concealer below! Keep scrolling!

1. As a lip primer
Concealer can function as a good lip primer. By applying a concealer on the lips, the color of the lipstick you use will increasingly come out. In addition, you can also use concealer to https://www.pro.co.id form lips when applying lip cream so it doesn't look messy.

2. For contouring and highlighting
Don't have contouring and highlighting products? Try using concealer as a replacement. Tips, make sure you choose a shade that is darker than your skin tone as a contouring product and a lighter shade for highlights.

3. Improve and emphasize the shape of winged eyeliner
If you feel your winged eyeliner is thick or doesn't look on point, there's no need to rush to remove it. Simply apply the concealer by using a small brush to smooth the eyeliner. Perfect!

4. As a substitute for foundation
Out of foundation? You can use concealer instead. You can use liquid concealer or in the form of cream mixed with facial moisturizer. Then apply it using a sponge soaked with a little water so that the results are perfectly even and not cakey.

5. As a primer for eye makeup
Concealer can also be used as a primer before applying eye shadow with eyeshadow. Apply enough concealer to the eyelid, then use your favorite eyeshadow. Guaranteed the colors will be more real and your makeup will be even more stunning.

6. Perfecting the shape of the eyebrows
To get the shape of the eyebrows on fleek, not only eyebrow reliable products, you also need a concealer. The trick, after framing the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, or pomade, trim the rest of the eyebrow product and eyebrow hair with a concealer. Your eyebrows will look perfect.

7. Curl eyelashes
Do you often feel your eyelashes coming down even though you are wearing mascara? Try this one trick. Pinch the eyelashes first. Then apply a little concealer to the eyelashes. https://www.faunadanflora.com Just apply eyelashes. Eyelashes will definitely look supple.

Now that you know the function of the concealer, make sure you have it in your makeup pouch, Bela!
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